The Empire Strikes Back 1980

I have illustrated several Star Wars drawings over the years, but I felt compelled to draw one more because I love those stories so much. This was Illustrated on 18 x 24 inch Strathmore drawing paper with charcoal pencils, shading sticks and white acrylic paint. However, I couldn't help myself so I opened this up in Photoshop and Illustrator and made it into a movie poster.

Dwayne stacho sam 1405
Dwayne stacho sam 1426
Dwayne stacho the process 2

Stage 1

Dwayne stacho the process 4

Stage 3

Dwayne stacho the process 3

Stage 2

Dwayne stacho vaders quest 72 dpi

Final Drawing

Dwayne stacho alternate star wars poster low res

27" x 40" One Sheet