Batman Redux

Is an artist ever really finished with their work? I have been discovering this over the past three years. This is the fourth drawing that I have re-worked over the years but Batman Redux has also been the most labor intensive.I had become most unhappy with certain aspects of the original drawing, and so much so, that I did not even want to display this piece in my portfolio anymore. So I took a leap of faith as Bob Ross would put it and I tested my bravery. As a result, I painted over the areas that were subpar and did a complete re-draw of two key characters in this illustration. Materials used include: 18" x 24" inch drawing paper, white and black acrylic paint, Prismacolor col-erase colored pencils, charcoal and graphite pencils, two cans of re-workable fixative and an air brush.

Dwayne stacho batman begins redux 01

Batman Redux

Dwayne stacho 20161026 153908

Stage 1: back to the basics.

Dwayne stacho 20161114 232706

Stage 2: the re-draw.

Dwayne stacho 20161126 132306

Stage 3: almost finished.