SW Storyboards

These are a few storyboards that I drew for a Star Wars fan film that I shot with my kids. I have also included a few screen shots from the film.

Dwayne stacho img 0545

Slave One drops out of hyper space and steadily approaches the planet Terran.

Dwayne stacho img 0546

Slave One continues its flight pattern toward the tropical planet and lands in a quiet suburban neighborhood.

Dwayne stacho img 0548

Boba Fett finds his target as he draws near to the very young Jedi. His offer is meet with the ignition sound of a lightsaber.

Dwayne stacho img 0544

Final shots of the kids playing out the last scene with their Star Wars action figures.

Dwayne stacho img 0552

Screen Shot of an Imperial Storm Trooper relaying some very important information from Lord Vader. Screenshot

Dwayne stacho img 0553

I took my inspiration for this shot from Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns.

Dwayne stacho img 0551

And the dual begins.The former Padawan

Dwayne stacho img 0550

The former Padawan embraces a barrage of blaster fire with the Force guiding his every move.